Old/Rare Coins & Notes.
An antique is a work of art, including a piece of furniture, a decorative object which, according to some experts must be at least 100 years old. The value of an antique depends upon certain parameters including its authenticity, beauty, age, rarity and condition. Traditionally speaking, an antique also means objects preceding the the mass production of objects in the 1830's; It can also include anything very old, a relic or an object of ancient times or the bygone era.
Time Vs Authenticity
Though age is an important factor in determining whether an object is an antique or not, but authenticity is the most important element. An antique is an authentic piece, made in olden times and place in which those pieces were in vogue and constructed with authentic tools and methods.
Authenticity is a more important aspect in deciding if something is an antique because it, not age, determines the actual value of a piece. Any object that is in original condition is far more valuable than a piece that has been altered. Refinishing, relining, repairing, resilvering, regilding or replacing an antique diminishes its value.
Few Examples of Antiques
Antique furniture
Antique jewellery
Antique Collectibles
Antique Automobiles
Antique Metals
Antique kitchenware
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